Compressor oil, both Synthetic type (Polyester) and mineral type, from Totaline & Sunoco (Suniso) are the products of highest quality to protect the air-cond
and refrigeration system during superheat conditions, and to maintain the the efficiency of the the system in long term.
Selecting the genuine compressor oil either Synthetic type (polyester) or Mineral type to ensure the system and all equipments' capability to your best utilization.
The genuine compressor oil will keep the optimum viscosity with smooth flow for the system during all operating conditions.
Products from Totaline and Sunoco (Suniso) is the trusted names in Air-cond & Refrigeration compressor oil for a long time.

TOTALINE SYNTHETIC (POE) model Type Regular Packaging Refrigerant type
TTLT-P9031005L-A Totaline Synthetic oil SW68 5 LT/GL Non CFC
TTLT-P90301105L Totaline Synthetic oil SW32 5 LT/GL Non CFC
TTLT-P90301205LA Totaline Synthetic oil SW220 5 LT/GL Non CFC
SUNISO SYNTHETIC model Type Regular Packaging Refrigerant type
SUSO-SL32S-4L Suniso Synthetic Oil SL32S 4 LT/GL Non CFC
SUSO-SL68S-4L Suniso Synthetic Oil SL68S 4 LT/GL Non CFC
SUSO-SL220S-4L Suniso Synthetic Oil SL220S 4 LT/GL Non CFC
SUNISO Mineral Oil model Type Regular Packaging Refrigerant type
SUSO-3GS-GL Suniso Mineral Oil 3GS 3.78 LT/GL (plastic) R-22
SUSO-4GS-GL Suniso Mineral Oil 4GS 3.78 LT/GL (plastic) R-22
SUSO-5GS-GL Suniso Mineral Oil 5GS 3.78 LT/GL (plastic) R-22