Quality Chemical (from Brline & Refrigo) for air-conditioning & Refrigertion system's clean-up and fin-coil cleaning. These right chemical can protect the erosion from rust and slag (in chiller closed system), can prevent the growth of moss, lichen and bacteria (in cooling tower system). Which will prolong system utilization time. During operation, dust, dirtiness, fat in the air will accumurate on coil, fin, fan and opening to lower down the heat transfer ability. This is the main cause of system inefficiency, which would lead to shorten the system's utilization time. It is crucial to use these Brline & Refrigo chemical to maintain the system at it best functional constantly.

BRLINE Model Description Regular Packaging
BRLN-SCSE 100 Chemical for slag cleaning 20 LT/GL
BRLN-SCSE 200 Chemical for Fin coil cleaning 4 LT/GL
BRLN-SCSE 5000 Chemical for lichen prevention & Bacteria (closed system - cooling tower) 20 KG/GL
BRLN-SCSE 7000 Chemical for Corrosion protection (closed sytem - chiller) 20 KG/GL
BRLN-SCSE 9600 Chemical for slag and rust protection (closed system - cooling tower) 20 KG/GL
BRLN-DE-SCALER CB Refrigo - Chiller cleaning chemical 20 KG/GL
BRLN-DE-SCALER F2 Refrigo - Air cond cleaning chemical 20 KG/GL