Refrigerant from Totaline & Brline, the quality product for your air-conditioning and Cold room installation. Full quantity and trusted quality from international standard. Packaged in disposible tank, for prompt installation and service work. Refrigerant is the medium substance for refrigeration cycle, drawing the heat to release to the outside. Selecting the quality product to make your utilization at full efficiency. Totaline & Brline refrigerant are the well-trusted names in air-conditioning and cold room work for a long time.

Refrigerant type Type : Regular Packaging ODP(Ozone Depletion Potential) Boiling Point C
TTLT-R220136TTL R22 - 301b/13.6 kg 0.034 -40.8
TTLT-R1340136-PL R134a -301b/13.6 kg 0 -26.1
TTLT-R404011-PL R404a - 241b/10.9 kg 0 -46.5
TTLT-R407011-PL R407c - 251b/11.3 kg 0 -43.8
TTLT-R410011-PL R410a - 251b/11.3 kg 0 -51.6
TTLT-R141B136-PL R-141B - 13.6 kg 0.11 32.05
BRLN-R3207-PL R32 - 7.0 kg "BR Line brand" 0 -51.7