Beijer Ref Network

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Beijer Ref Network

Beijer Ref is one of the largest Refrigeration Wholesaler in the world.  It is a technology-oriented Trading and Manufacturing group, which through added-value products, offers its customers competitive solutions within Refrigeration and Air conditioning market.   The company distribution network is with 330 branches in 33 countries, 1200 suppliers, 100,000 products offering to 70,000 customers.

The company is listed in Swedish Stock exchange.   With Combined total revenue of 9,045 Million Swedish Krona (Approx 1.02 Billion USD), Beijer ref is one of the largest operators in the Refrigeration wholesale market.  The main products are all components for refrigeration system, air conditioning and heat pumps. The company business model is designed with the focus on customer’s requirements.  Our customers then shall have access to a very broad range of brands and products at very competitive price. Geographic proximity and rapid deliveries are also the key success factors.  The benefit that Beijer Ref brings into the value chain is sourcing, warehousing, distritbution, delivery, technical support and customer adaptation both through design and manufacturing.  

One of our success story is that in January 2015, the company signed an agreement with Carrier International for the Exclusive right to distribute Carrier’s DX products in Europe (within the comfort-cooling segment and all pertaining service of these products).

Beijer ref has its objective to grow faster than the market and to continue to grow as a global operator.  Growth can be made both organically and through acquisition. Our samples in latest acquisition deal are:  during 2015, the company pursued the agreement to acquire the remaining shares in HRP company, which gave Beijer Ref benefits of scale in the United Kingdom.    In the same year, the acquisition of Patton and Realcold in Australia, New Zealand and India – established Beijer Ref as the key player in three high-potential markets simultanously.  

In Asia, Beijer Ref has strengthen its presence through the acquisition of the remaining shares in Patton Aero (Thailand Manufacturing company), and Malaysian Refrigeration wholesaler, RNA engineering & Trading company (in Feb 2015).

Beijer Ref is the real International company, with multinational staffs working together like a big family.

Total number of employee (in 2015) is 2506 from 33 countries.

Country –

Avg number of employee

2015 2014


Avg number of emplyee

2015 2014
Sweden (HQ) – Parent comp 10 5 Belgium 21 20
France 483 471 Czech republic 12 12
South Africa 383 393 Mozambique 9 9
United Kingdom 208 189 Ghana 2 0
Italy 180 180 Estonia 7 8
The Natherland 170 169 Ireland 11 10
Spain 120 116 Lithunia 7 7
Sweden 85 95 Latvia 7 7
Norway 112 110 Zambia 5 5
Switzerland 76 82 Botswana 5 5
Denmark 74 70 Slovakia 4 4
Thailand 115 65 Namibia 4 3
German 61 51 New Zealand 91 0
Poland 41 40 Australia 76 0
Finland 39 38 India 17 0
Hungary 30 28 Malaysia 22 0
Romania 24 23 TOTAL GROUP 2506 2215

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