B.Grimm network

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B.Grimm network     

 B.Grimm Group has the very long and prestigious business history in Thailand.  The group currently operates various technology businesses ranging from Energy business, Comfort Cooling business, Healthcare business, Lifestyle, Real Estate and transportation business.   B Grimm group is the organization who aims for the Operation excellence together with Good governance and Social responsibility. The group has the very high awareness and engagement in Social Development activities, in order to increase the Thailand Society sustainability.

For Energy business, B Grimm is the very first group to start the Power Generation business.   B Grimm Powers ltd has been in operation for more than 20 years. The company is one of very first private electricity generation companies in Thailand.  Our first power plant started the operation since 1998, and other following plants have been successfully funded and operated since then. Up to date, B Grimm power has commercially run 28 power plants, with total generation capacity of 1,495 MW and total stream capacity of 350 ton per hour.   Following the year 2020 plan, the company would have Total generation capacity of 2,100 MW. The company also possesses four Hydro power plants in Laos and one Diesel power plant in Vietnam.

In Comfort cooling business, B Grimm has coorperated with Carrier USA and Toshiba Japan, two global leading corporations in Air condition and Comfort cooling business (Carrier Thailand ltd, B Grimm air-cond ltd, B Grimm Carrier ltd).   Both Corporations have successfully developed and delivered new innovative products to the world and Thailand market consistently. Brand “Carrier” and “Toshiba” air-conditioning are then fully trusted by Thailand customers, for both residential (home usage) and Commercial products (for project).      At the same time, B Grimm group also has the after-market operation for spare parts, Beijer B.Grimm Thailand, to serve efficiently the products to the highest performance, until the end of their operating life, as well.

B Grimm has performed very well in Healthcare business, by joint venture operation with many leading companies like Mersk, Marke, Siemens and Carle Size.  These companies have brought to Thailand the latest medical technology and equipment in healthcare segment.

In Real Estates, B Grimm group owns two office buildings.  The first one is 20-storey Alma Link building situated at Chidlom road in Downtown Bangkok (operated since 1989).  The second one is Dr Gerhad Link Building on Krungthep kreetha road, East of Bangkok near Suvarnablum airport. At present, B Grimm also starts another Real estate project (1,500 Rai) in Pattaya area as well.

For Transportation segment, B Grimm and Siemens have corporated to manage the service for both Bangkok Mass Transit System ltd (Skytrain BTS) and Bangkok Metro Public company (Subway BMCL).  B Grimm is also the key supporter for the Airport Rail Link project (Airport Link skytrain). All of which (skytrain and subway projects) are considered to be one of the biggest infrastructure projects of Thailand.

B Grimm initiates Digital technology business by introducing “Masii” (www.massii.com), the comparative website on products and service (including various financial products of Thailand).  Up to date, the visitor is average more than 10,000 views per day. B Grimm is also bringing in the “Getmii” application from Harvard Lab (Boston USA) to Thailand, in order to assist people who are looking for the same products and sharing the same interest in service.

B Grimm has Corporate Mission in “Doing business with compassion with unity with nature”, which is consistent to the Sufficiency Philosophy of King Bhumiphol Rama IX.   This philosophy focuses on self-sufficiency, Mindfulness and Morality. Presently, B Grimm has also collaborated with Gross National Happiness Center of Bhutan to adapt the Buddhist way of working (happily and sustainably) as its corporate culture from October 2016 onward.

B Grimm group’s logo since the past is the symbol of “Phra Prang” (Outline from Temple of Dawn’s Pagoda) on the base with “B Grimm & Co” word.   Set aside is the year of foundation in Thailand which is 1878.

You can find more details in: www.bgrimmgroup.com