JB Industries’ PLATINUM® series vacuum pump is the best pump in the industry. Designed for the serious air conditioning and refrigeration technician, the PLATINUM® vacuum pump features a gas ballast and blank off valve. American made and subjected to JB’s rigorous performance standards, the PLATINUM® Series is the top of the line for both quality and durability. Completely field repairable, our PLATINUM® series is designed to last. JB vacuum pump is 2 stage pump : 1/2 HP at 220 volt 15 micron

JB Model (2 stages) 1/2 HP 220 V/50Hz 15 Micron vacuum Capcity CFM. Capacity Liter/min WEIGHT LBS
JBEQ-DV85N250 2.5 71 31
JBEQ-DV142N250 4.2 119 33
JBEQ-DV200N250 5.8 167 33
JBEQ-DV285N250 8.3 237 37