3Q Evaporator shell and tube type is the lcoal product made of quality control process from beginning until delivery. Every process has been carefully implemented to ensure high efficiency and constant reliability of product for long period of time. 3Q Evaporator shell and tube is the product from R&D of heat exchanger Methodology combining the right material with energy saving. Purpose. 3Q Evaporators are available in wide range of models and application for your utilization. For the right product for your specific requirement, pls contact our Engineering sales department 02-011 8888 ext 2 : Refrigeration and project sales

TCST-3.5-1-6 3.5
TCST-4-1-6 4
TCST-5-1-6 5
TCST-6-1-6 6
TCST-8-1-6 8
TCST-10-1-8 10
TCST-12-1-8 12
TCST-15-1-8 15
TCST-20-1-8 20
TCST-25-1-10 25
TCST-30-1-10 30
TCST-35-1-10 35
TCST-40-1-12 40
TCST-50-1-12 50
TCST-60-2-12 60
TCST-70-2-12 70
TCST-80-2-12 80
TCST-100-2-14 90
TCST-110-2-16 100
TCST-120-2-14 120
TCST-140-2-16 150
TCST-150-2-18 170
TCST-170-2-16 190
TCST-180-2-18 220
TCST-220-2-20 255
TCST-260-2-20 295